About Us

A pool of specialized engineers and consultants

MRC Ar-Ge, Enerji Mühendisliği, Kontrol ve Test Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi (shortly MRC Türkiye, formerly AF Consult Türkiye) is a Turkish engineering and consultancy company based in Ankara. Since 2009, MRC Türkiye has been providing an engineering and consulting services for the power sector. MRC employs number of experts & engineers supported by a pool of international consultants specialized in various energy issues including electrical generation systems, transmission systems, distribution systems, smart grids, network engineering and among others.

We have a deep electricity sector expertise through:

  • Engineering and management consulting experts focused on the electricity distribution and transmission,
  • Strong and core expertise on distribution utilities in all aspects (including top management consultancy to detailed engineering design),
  • Extensive experience on smart grids, IT/OT systems (planning/design to OE services) and digital transformation of utilities,
  • Strong experience and expertise on T&D Master Plans, Power System Modelling, Analysis, Loss Reduction, Grid Optimization & Stability, Demand Forecast, Interconnection of Power Plants,
  • Strong engineering/consultancy base for transmission and distribution (conceptual to detailed design of transmission/distribution substations and OH/UG lines),
  • CAPEX/OPEX tariff design experience,
  • Business process management and operational improvement and efficiency,
  • Design of field and HQ organization of DSOs.

Furthermore, MRC Türkiye has merged its deep quantitative insight in power sector with advanced data and modelling competency:

  • Extensive experience with different power system simulation software including NEPLAN, DigSILENT PF, SINCAL, CYME, etc.
  • Geospatial data management and GIS,
  • Big data analytics for utilities,
  • Benchmarking,
  • Demand forecasting,
  • Market modelling.

Why choose MRC Türkiye?

MRC Türkiye through has a long and successful record in the Turkish market, for a variety of private and institutional clients, serving large industrial clients, energy sector agents and private investors. With several past and ongoing projects in Türkiye and neighbor markets, we have an extensive knowledge of the local requirements as well.

MRC Türkiye has worked at an international level, not only with private enterprise but also assisting national and local governments and multilateral organizations. MRC Türkiye has hands on experience of business requirements and cultural challenges found within each individual country where our projects are based. Whilst MRC Group has multiple offices located around the world, MRC Türkiye is also capable of providing local support for projects through development of temporary offices or training facilities at the project site and allow for expert development through utilization of its entire global pool of experience.

Some further information about MRC Türkiye is as follows:
  • Mission: MRC Türkiye is an engineering and consulting company for the energy and markets. Our pool of experience, with a unique range of technologies, creates solutions that are profitable, innovative and sustainable
  • Vision: The best partner for the best clients
  • Number of Consultants: Over 110 FTE employees with more than 50 local and international consultants
  • Market Leader in Network Planning, R&D and Utility Management Consultancy Assignments (Turkish Electricity Sector)
  • Project Experience in neighboring countries like Kosovo, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria as well as emerging markets like Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Jordan, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.
  • Either completed or continuing at least one project for each and every of 21 Electricity Distribution Companies of Türkiye
MRC Türkiye approach produces solutions against the bottlenecks in energy sector by combining innovation and experience and putting latest technology into practice. Its expert personnel have academic eligibility and has been assigned at top-level positions of regulatory authorities and companies of the sector. We have joined the MRC Group as of 2020 which  is a family of 9 sister companies, sharing a long and common history of working together. We operate internationally as one single organization with the aim of sharing resources, technical skills, and geographical presence to serve international clients worldwide. To have a brief info about our member companies please visit the MRC Group website As MRC Türkiye, we have more than 300 project references from local and global companies. In particular, our services are being held in various locations.



Establishment of Mercados EMI in Spain


Establishment of Mercados Türkiye as a Legal Entity


Acquisition of Mercados Türkiye by AF Group


Joined MRC Group and Restructured as MRC Türkiye (MRC Ar-GE, Enerji Mühendisliği, Kontrol ve Test Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi)


MRC Türkiye operates under strict quality control rules under Quality Management System, Environmental Management, Overall Health & Safety Management and Inspection Management Systems have been assessed and registered as conforming to the requirements of:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 27001:2013
ISO 45001:2018

All of our consultants and professional staff have encompassed this philosophy of quality and work together to assure the best performance of the team consistent with the underlying Quality Assurance policy. Quality assurance of each assignment begins with the Business Development Manager, not only in the preparation of the proposal, but also in managing the communications and relationship with partners of the team and the Client. Upon submission of the offer, the Department Director along with the appointed Technical staff member follows the team’s performance, and an internal Quality Manager is assigned to monitor proper implementation.

For long-term and sustainable development of customer success, MRC Türkiye;

  • is working closely with customers, providing them with the best and sustainable solutions in terms of information security, quality, environment and occupational health.
  • ensures that our systematic and harmonious way of working provides high quality and environmentally-conscious results with and also reduces the risks that threaten information security and occupational health and safety.
  • gives equal importance to customer requests, information security, quality, environment and occupational health safety criterias.
  • it provides the most efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • takes measures to prevent environmental pollution and complies with laws.
  • ensures the participation of its employees in the management system for the sustainable development of their talents, provides training and continuously improves working conditions.
  • complies with all legal requirements and continuously improves the Information Security, Quality, Environment and Occupational Health Management System.