Hazar Bilir

Hazar Bilir

Head of Engineering

Nurettin Hazar Bilir is the Head of Engineering of MRC Türkiye, and has been working since 2010. He holds Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering obtained from Middle East Technical University.

He has extensive experience and expertise in electricity transmission & distribution modeling, GIS integration, and technical investment. His qualifications include asset mapping & management, analysis of outage situations and causes, and conducting technical studies for technical loss reduction.

His work encompasses a wide range of skills, from spatial load forecasting and power system reliability to intelligent control in power systems, with a specific focus on SCADA, DMS/OMS, and Utility IT systems like AMI and GIS. He is also proficient in distribution project design, regulatory impact assessment, and tender management. In addition to his technical expertise in above-mentioned areas, he has participated as engineer-consultant in several technical due diligence of electricity distribution company privatization and reorganization. He has managed and participated in many projects for electricity utilities not only in Türkiye as well as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Ukraine, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

Email: Hazar.Bilir@mrc-tr.com
Phone: +90 (312) 385 9354